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A Consultative Approach to Exchange Options

At MacKinnon Capital, we believe it is vitally important to have a finance partner involved early in the process when attempting to execute a successful 1031 exchange.  From the time of disposition of the down-leg property, investors have 45 days to identify their replacement property(s).   In this identification process, it is very important to have a plan of what you are looking for in your investment, and have realistic feedback on what financing is available.  The consultation involved in this process can alleviate major stress and time associated with pursuing properties that are not feasible on the finance end.  


Feedback on available financing can also give great insight into perceived risk by finance professionals who are paid to protect depositor and government insured money.  Understanding the debt profile of an investment can help weigh the correlated cap rate and overall risk/return analysis in your up-leg search.  


MacKinnon Capital will provide a relationship based consultative approach to assisting clients in efficiently pursuing investments that are financeable, in a manner that successfully matches the unique requirements of their 1031 exchange.  

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